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ugN Gaming is an international gaming community consisting of players from around the world. Playing games both competitively and casually. We at ugN pride ourselves on creating a fun and fair environment for our members to play the games they love. ugN was originally founded as a F.E.A.R Combat Clan but we moved on to play many games both for fun and competitively such as BF:BC2, LoL, Cod4, Black Ops, MW3 & Black ops 2

After 3 years at the top of their competitive scene, the e-sports team mutually agreed to stop competing competitively in BO2, the game just not offering the standards they expected, they semi-retired into a casual state until they find the game they're looking for to fuel their competitive spirits once more. A rich history involving even the development of MW3's Promod, we are sure to return in force.

ugN Gaming's community currently revolves around casual play in DayZ Flashback, League of Legends, Counter Strike and Minecraft. We play all of these games casually and have our own creative Minecraft server. Hosting regular member's nights and causing havoc daily, there is always something going on in ugN, our members are often on teamspeak even if playing a single-player game or something unsupported by the clan, just for the laughs we have! We are always looking to expand our community into more games and actively search for our next competitive FPS outlet.

If ugN Gaming sounds like something that you want to be a part of, check out our forums and fill out an application!


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