Welcome to ugN Gaming

ugN Gaming is an international Gaming Community consisting of players from around the world. Playing games both competitively and casually. We at ugN pride ourselves on creating a fun and fair environment for our members to play the games they love. ugN was originally founded for F.E.A.R Combat but we moved on to play many games both for fun and competitively such as BF:BC2, LoL, Cod4, Black Ops, MW3 & BO2

Our community is led by a small team of 'Administrators' who oversee the conduct of the entire organization and it's day to day running. Our community also consists of 'Moderators' who help to keep our community and gameservers running smoothly. We are not a perfect community but strive to offer a place where everyone is welcome and can have their say. We encourage members input and participation in the development of our community as a whole and our game servers.

We are not interested in simply being 'the best' team in the games we play! We don't judge our members on skill, statistics or KDA instead we accept members of any skill level and concentrate on the important things like good character, positive attitude, community activity and respect for others. We are not a gaming clan, we are a Gaming Community! Our long history shows that we are resilient and dedicated to our organization. We do offer a competitive aspect to our community and we expect that these members will be focused in their approach to eSport.

If ugN Gaming sounds like something that you want to be a part of, check out our forums and fill out an application!