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DayZ Flashback - DayZ on Arma 3 || [Hardcore Survival] [PVP/PVE]

| Persistent Vehicles | Vehicle Repair & Salvage | Heli Crash Sites (with loot) | Fill water at Pumps / Lakes and sea | Ai Missions | Additional Buildings | Additional Enterable Buildings | Additional Items / Loot | Zombies (Atmospheric, not OP) | Hunting Animals | Fishing | Balanced Loot Table | Balanced Weapons | Balanced Vehicles | Great Ping | High FPS | No Basebuilding | No Traders | No Safezones | No Locked Vehicles | No Spawn Selection | No Waypoints | No OP Vehicles | No Admin Bases | No Admin Perks | No Admin Abuse

DayZ Flashback is an openworld Survival Server based in Chernarus. It is a tribute to the original DayZ mod experience, currently hosted on: "DayZ Flashback - DayZ on Arma 3". It is a collection of beautifully crafted mods that have been brought together and tuned to give the authentic DayZ experience for Arma 3. Subscribe and enjoy the flashback in beautiful Arma 3 HD!

The goal on the DayZ Flashback server is to simply stay alive and healthy during the conditions of a Zombie outbreak.



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