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General Rules:

* We have a Zero Tolerance to Cheating and Hacking. Offenders will be permanently removed from our server / community
* Please DO NOT place tents inside rocks / underground / underwater or by any other means of glitching!
* Please DO NOT exploit, duplicate, abuse, glitch, hack any mechanism on the server
* Please DO NOT Speak in Side Chat, you will be removed from the server!
* Please do report any exploitation, abuse, hacking, glitches, errors and/or bugs encountered on the server
* Please enjoy your time on our server!
* English is our preferred language on the server but other languages are welcome! We DO NOT have an English only rule!
* Our server is PVP and PVE, please keep this in mind when you are playing
* Please be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times.
Server Features:
* There are NO admin bases or perks
* There is NO admin abuse or advantages
* NO Basebuilding / NO Traders / No Safezones!
* NO Waypoints / NO Spawn Selection / NO Locked Vehicles!
* There are DayZ style Chopper Crashes around the map (With Loot & Zombies)
* You can Hunt for Animals (Sheep, Goats, Roosters, Hens)
* It is possible to Fish from a boat on our server. You need a Burlap Sack and must be in a boat - press [Right Shift]!
* You can Search Apple Trees for a chance to find a fresh apple to eat!
* You can Fill Water Bottles from pumps around the map and from toilets in houses.
* You can Search for Clothes in wardrobes around the map. You have a chance of finding civilian clothing.
* You can Search Fridges for consumable items found in some buildings around the map.
* There are many additional items in our loot table!
* Many more Features are on our server, too many to list...

Thank you for taking the time to read our server rules!


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