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Ok so myself, black, mitton, savage and storm tried klen again. We got quite well into it, but the respawn time for the ai could be increased abit or limited, the wooshes when they respawned vaired from 2 mins to 5. Sav and me made it up on to a tower but somehow we still got killed even though we where crouched behind the wall.

When the dust settles after the mission, Klen has quiet a few poptabs sitting up on it for the taking.
It is meant to be a bitch of a mission but has certainly got some glitches.

I've edited it a little to try to get some of the buggy feel out of it, hopefully it is a positive move.

The mission is awesome, but we're unable to finish it at the moment.  The ai respawn back in faster than we can possibly kill them.  But other than that, it's spot on.  Very very difficult  8)

At the moment Klen is unachievable to complete, there are way too many respawns of AI. We have tried it for two nights now without success, we get it down to the last couple but get rekt with the respawns. A few suggestions...
 1.  A max number of AI, make it high as it should not be easy.
 2.  Keep everything else the same, we don't know what's in the box as 5 of us tried tonight but did not finish it after 3 hrs of assault.

Will tweak the settings a little soon, see if we can get more balance..

So far the boxes contain the following (subject to further balancing if needed):

* x3 Wooden Crates: (6,000 Poptabs Each + 10,000 Money Notes Each + x5 Instadocs Each , x5 Vishpirin Each + x1 Defibrillator Each )
* x2 Camo Crates: (Assorted Weapons, Ammo, Medicals, Backpacks, Attachments etc..)


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