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Title: User ------ Hi
Post by: User on October 28, 2015, 12:37:34 AM
In-Game Nick: User
Steam ID: Finn the Human
Real Name: James
Gender: Unicorn
Age: 23
Country: England

Profession: Network Security/King of The Grass Kingdom

About me: I'm a Gamer, a Geek, an Otaku and a prick. Its nice to meet you.

Why Join ugN: I just started playing day z and u guys seem like a laugh so if me and my firends are going to all of a sudden invade and play on your server the very least i can do is say hello.

TeamSpeak questions:

-Do you have TS3 client installed?

Nope, we all use skype

-Do you have a headset with mic?

Title: Re: User ------ Hi
Post by: Joanne on October 28, 2015, 01:47:52 AM
Hi James

We will put you on a trial for a about a week, to see if you're active and of good character etc....

After the trial period, we will make you a full member and you can use the [ugN] tag in-game if all goes well!

Our TS3 server IP is: