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Title: SCUM: Latest News / Features
Post by: KrisiS on August 21, 2018, 11:03:52 AM
What is SCUM?
SCUM is an open-world survival game with unprecedented levels of character customization, control, and progression. Knowledge and skill are your ultimate weapons for long-term survival. It is a next generation, story driven survival game featuring extremely complex game mechanics and unrevealed survival features. Gamepires is an experienced team oriented towards innovation and perfection in game production and have decided to develop SCUM side by side in collaboration with its community with the goal of making the best possible survival game yet.

The world’s unquenchable need for entertainment has turned towards bloodlust as entertainment behemoth TEC1 is set to premiere season two of its television sensation Scum. This new season moves the contest from the rugged, enclosed Alcatraz sector to the full grandeur of Bagne de Cayenne, an island with a sordid history of violent incarceration. Both fan favourites and new prisoners will clash in a ruthless war of survival while battling for the support of viewers, producers, and corporate sponsors for fame, gifts, and a chance of life after death.


The gameplay takes place in an island inspired by the Mediterranean where 64 players per server will attempt to survive and get off the island by first removing the implant which prevents you from leaving. The player will earn fame points through participation in various action-driven events or simply by surviving in a hostile environment. These fame point allow the player to be cloned back in case of death, as well as currency used to purchase or trade in various safe zones.Player will be able to fortify existing structures and points in order to secure positions or store items needed for the player.


The character you play as will possess four main attributes: strength, dexterity, constitution and intelligence. These will let you form the play style of your preference – from long distance running to big bulky tanks. It promises to simulate the human body, and as such uses a special interface connected to the player's "BCU monitor" which tracks your character's calories, vitamins, health and other stats.Player can choose to ignore these elements of the game, but hardcore players can delve deep into these systems in order to improve the character's performance (speed, stamina, weight to carry etc.). Another aspect is digestion; for instance, if you get all of your teeth knocked out, you will have to find a way to liquify your food in order to digest it. Defecating and urinating will leave physical evidence of your activities on the island, which could be used to track another player.Things like combat will depend on your player's skill level, but also on things like stamina, health and so on. Wetness, smell, medicine, cooking, hacking, crafting, hunting and poison will also play a major role in the gameplay.

The game will offer both third and first person perspectives, from which the player can alternate, but will prevent third person peeking by blurring anything your character cannot see.


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Title: Re: SCUM: Latest News / Features
Post by: KrisiS on August 25, 2018, 10:54:11 PM
Latest Developer stream,