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Title: DayZ: Server Informaion
Post by: KrisiS on June 03, 2019, 06:16:44 AM

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Persistent Vehicles | Persistent Storage | Great Ping | High FPS | No Admin abuse | No Waypoints | No Admin perks | No Admin Bases | 100% Fair play server | 7am on server restart | Tents / Stashes / Barrels etc... persist for 90 days untouched

After many months of downtime, the time has come to invest some quality time into developing a top tier DayZ server. For now, we have started out with x20 slot server but this will increase as the playerbase grows. We will increase as necessary up to a whopping x120 Slot server, should the need ever arise.
Our intention is to stay very close to vanilla while adding subtle mods / scripts to enhance the overall game-play and fun experience. There are a range of mods / scripts available for us to implement right now and even some back room chatter of AI missions becoming available soon...
Our server will be under constant development so feel free to drop by, play some hours and give us your 2 cents. We are always looking for feedback and want to build a server around what the players want! We want a community based server that is built by it's community!
We also run a (x500 Slot) TS3 server open to the public, feel free to join (